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Sagar Public School Bhopal triumph at Indore
WINNER: Sagar Public School Bhopal: Divyansh and Shivish S
RUNNER UP: St Pauls Indore: Sanjay Singh and Karthik Tiwari

Over 1000 students thronged the DAVV auditorium despite overcast conditions. Schools came in from all over the state. Quizmaster Pickbrain took the stage and belted out a quick preliminary of 20 questions.

Sagar Public School, Bhopal : Divyansh and Shivish S
Golden International School : Ms. Anshita Dubey and Ms. Anushka T
School for Excellence, Dewas : Jayesh. C and Shivam Kumar
Emerald Heights, Indore : Ansh Choudhary and Utsav Singh
St. Pauls, Indore : Sanjay Singh and Karthik Tiwari
Shishukunj International School, Indore : Lakshya S and Nainil Patel

The final saw the team from Sagar School Bhopal get off to an early lead. The other teams tried valiantly to catch up and did close in, but the Bhopal duo was quick to accelerate and move ahead.

As the final stages approached it was clear the Sagar Boys were winning as the other teams started guarding their turf for the runner-up title. The St. Pauls team held their nerve and clinched the runner-up title.

The guest of honour Mr. Alok Kumar, Vice President and Global Head of Delivery Centre Management appreciated the teams and urged them to stay ahead of the curve.

Champions : Sagar Public School, Bhopal: Divyansh and Shivish S

Runner Up : St Pauls, Indore: Sanjay Singh and Karthik Tiwari