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St.Kabir Wins Gujarat Final In Style
WINNER: St.Kabir, Vadodara: Nihar Shah and Bhavya.R
RUNNER UP: Navrachana Sama Vadodara: Ms.Priyansha and Dakshraj.P

Over 1200 children and there was excitement all over the auditorium even before the first question was asked. Quizmaster Pickbrain took the stage as cheers echoed all over. He was quick, and business - like with the prelim, dishing out his 20 posers, in quick time. The following teams made it to the final.

Navrachana Sama Vadodara : Ms.Priyansha and Dakshraj.P
Shree Narayana Guru Vidhyalaya: Nilay Shah and Daksh Patel
St.Kabir, Vadodara : Nihar Shah and Bhavya.R
Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya, Vadodara : Yash Sajnani and Dhruv Shah
DPS Bopal : Aaryan Shah and Aditya Trivedi
St.Paul, Rajkot: : Kishan P and Hitarth K

The final witnessed St.Kabir get into a lead early on while DPS was trailing them for the first half of the quiz. In the latter stages while the Kabir boys maintained the same tempo and lead it was the duo from Navrachana Sama that came back into the quiz with a few brilliant answers.

It was however not enough to get past St.Kabir but was certainly an effort worthy to bag the runner - up title. It was also noted that for the first time St.Paul from Rajkot had made the cut.

The guests of honour Ms.Anju Sharma (IAS) and Ms.Neelam Rani (IFS), both of whom spoke on the need to pick the right areas from IT and adopt the same while not allowing oneself to be enslaved by technology.

Champions : St.Kabir, Vadodara: Nihar Shah and Bhavya.R

Runner Up : Navrachana Sama Vadodara: Ms.Priyansha and Dakshraj.P