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#TCSITWiz Best Tweets

#TCSITWiz Best Tweets(2017)

  • #TCSITWiz Tcs it wiz without @Pickbrain is like pizza without cheese, a geek without braces and a sentence without spaces! - Mumbai

  • With every breath I'm inhaling a few particles of knowledge here. Thank you TCS for providing us with such awesome air! @TCSITWiz #TCSITWiz - Delhi

  • If these tweets could make music like a musical typewriter, thn we would hear a symphony , here at Kochi and with #TCSITWiz as the maestro - Kochi

  • At the end of #TCSITWiz one team will be the winnesr, one team will be the runner ups.But all of us will be Learners.Thank you. - Pune

  • @TCSITWiz if Shakespeare wud hav known bout #TCSITWiz - What's in D name? Dat which we call #TCSITWiz by any other name wud be as innovative. - Bhubaneswar

  • If twitter were to plant one tree for every ten tweets with #TCSITWiz @TCSITWiz , we'd be living in a jungle by now. - Nagpur

  • TCS IT Wiz is the best way in which one can make his brain a treasure of knowledge and inspiration to stand at stage of triumph. - Indore

  • Want to see some quality quizzing? Come to Kalamandir and witness the best quiz show ever! @TCSITWiz - Kolkata

  • @TCSITWiz #tcsitwiz If there was any machine for sensing the amount of the knowledge in a room..... It would get damaged in this auditorium - Hyderabad

  • #tcsitwiz @tcsitwiz #USAINBOLT lost his record in Olympics But TCSITWiz never lost the title of the best quiz in India since 1999 !! - Chennai

  • If there were tickets for TCS, the box office would be a stamped and the auditorium would be a battleground #TCSITWiz @TCSITWiz - Bangalore

  • @TCSITWiz Here is the place where you experience and make yourself greater! #TCSITWiz - Ahmedabad

#TCSITWiz Best Tweets(2016)

  • If TCS IT Wiz were a person, it would definitely be on the Time’s magazine front page.

  • Any combination of the 26 alphabets cannot describe the quality of #TCSITWiz its just beyond ones thinking.

  • Twitter asked me,"what’s happening?",Isaid “you would have known if you were @TCSITWiz "

  • You know that feeling when there are so many people who look like they might crush you with their knowledge? No? Well, I do now #TCSITWiz

  • “Knowledge is if no value unless we put it in practice”and that practice is provided by @TCSITWiz

  • India is the land of festivals… And TCSITWiz is the most awaited one.

  • The biggest classroom in the whole of kerala or perhaps india,Imparting knowledge to hundreds of students for generation TCSITWiz

  • TCSITWiz
  • is continuing the legacy which started by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam “Inspiring Young Minds”
  • Steve Jobs once said “ We don’t stop Innovating” I Wish I Witnessed it.TCS makes my wish come true.Every Year.

  • If Forbes made a list of ‘Most Influential Quizzes’.We all know that @TCSITWiz will be on top.

  • If facebook is essential for social networking then TCS is important for India’s Youth and tech.

  • What if you today were stranded on a island and you found a PC with google fiber? Contact home or TCSITWiz

  • If the world of Harry Potter was filled with technology,the Triwizard Tournament will be TCSITWiz!

  • If there was a competition for QUIZZING in the Olympics,then India will surely win gold.

  • Following Olympics at Rio? The real Olympaid is here!

  • Everything seems to scream #TCSITWiz today.Just saw a bus going to ‘Giri Nagar’.

  • You know it’s TCS IT quiz when people tweet instead of finding pokemon!