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About TCS IT Wiz

We Encourage Schools to Register Online

If you are unable to register online, you may want to e-mail the entry form to contactus@tcsitwiz.com.

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  • TCS IT Wiz, a 'knowledge Initiative' started in 1999, is the biggest inter-school IT Quiz in India for students of class 8-12. The quiz aims to build awareness and emphasize the importance of IT skills, enabling students to look at technology from a holistic perspective.
  • The quiz platform works as an effective supplement to the computer science and IT eld. As most of the questions researched for the quiz are beyond the academic areas, this compels the students to look beyond the text books.
  • As a pioneer in the eld of IT quizzing, TCS IT Wiz has brought a paradigm shift in the world of quizzing with a mix of intelligent and interesting questions and introduced new technology concepts such as software-based rounds, gamication and animation.
  • This event in the past couple of years has been providing them a connection to real-world experience through it’s Twitter contests.
  • Today, TCS IT Wiz has become a national benchmark in the inter-school quizzing circuit for the level of research, the intensity with which teams compete and the sheer participation it draws. The quiz has received immense patronage among the student community, teachers, parents and educational institutions and has become a part of the agenda for schools across the country.
  • TCS IT Wiz 2019 will be held in 12 cities across India - Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune.

Entry & Eligibility

  • There is NO entry or registration fee.
  • Students from class 8 to 12 are eligible to participate.
  • Multiple teams per school (2 members per team) will be allowed to participate.
Limited teams per School in Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Delhi depending on the auditorium capacity.

Ground Rules

  • Participants should be present at the venue on the day of the event (refer www.tcsitwiz.com for the Calendar) at the specified time in their school uniform, with an official Id’s from the school, if any.
  • Students to carry their own lunch box as food would not be provided by TCS.
  • Participants need to answer the preliminary written round on the pre-printed answer sheets supplied by TCS. Please carry a pen/pencil.
  • In each city top 6 teams will qualify for the Regional finals, based on their performance in the written preliminary round. After the corrections, prior to the finals, the quizmaster will give the answers for the prelims and announce the names of the top 6 teams and invite them on stage to participate in the Regional finals.
  • The Regional finals will consist of oral, audio, visual, buzzer based rapid-fire rounds.
  • The scoring system will be explained by the quizmaster before each round.
  • Ties, if any, will suitably be resolved. The quizmaster's verdict will be final.

Subject / Focus Area

  • Applications of Information Technology across various industries and sectors including technology environment, the business, people, new trends and legends.
  • Emerging areas such as cloud computing, AI, automation, biometrics, robotics, world of Internet, unique web sites, IT buzzwords and acronyms.
  • Areas where IT has made an impact – web, education, entertainment, books, music, movies, banking, advertising, sports, gaming, social media and world of mobiles.
  • IT Personalities - Global, national and local, brands of IT and communication companies, software products and brands, the history of IT as well as its humorous side of Information Technology.
  • An exclusive round on TCS @50 capturing 5 decades of excellence

About the Quizmaster

TCS ITWiz since its inception in 1999 has been hosted by noted quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam popularly known as ‘Pickbrain’. He heads Greycaps, Asia's largest on-stage quizzing & knowledge services company.

Known for his distinctive style of quizzing, Giri holds seven Limca records for quizzing achievements and has hosted more than 2000 shows across 94 destinations of India. He has also hosted quiz shows in USA, UK, Srilanka, Singapore, Japan and the Middle East.

About the Quiz

Prelim: A common set of 20 questions to be answered by all the teams at the venue. The questions will be oral & visual.
Regional Final: The top 6 teams from the written prelim will qualify for each regional nal. In the event of multiple teams from the same school qualifying for the nal, only the best team from that school will be considered.
Rounds: There will be a unique, new format based on the digital world of internet. Details of each round will be explained by the quizmaster at the event.